Intra-African exports as a percentage of total African exports has increased from about 10% in 1995 to around 17% in 2017, but it remains low compared to levels in Europe (69%), Asia (59%), and North America (31%).

Bridging the Data Gap in Africa’s Ag-Trade Industry

Q2 2022 Newsletter | Dbuntu Africa

Agriculture, Africa’s backbone, lacks timely and accurate raw data, inhibiting evidence-based planning and implementation of policy. Agricultural development continues at a slow rate because farmers cannot confidently make informed decisions, investors cannot identify and take advantage of the lucrative opportunities to channel their capital, and the government can neither predict nor measure the effects of their policies, all ultimately leading to poor decisions when allocating resources.

Since inception in 2018, Dbuntu has focused on bridging the data gaps in the agriculture industry, with the introduction of Dbuntu Data; an online data dashboard with a two-fold mission to:

  1. Provide mobile electronic record keeping and analytics tools, and in return gather valuable data insights for our clients.
  2. Deploy technology & data products with the aim to facilitate lucrative investment opportunities in inter-African trade.

Currently, due to farmers inability to know market prices & customers inability to directly access farmers (information asymmetry between farmers & customers in the marketplace), markets are prone to heavy exploitation & manipulation. As a result we are integrating a new blockchain based aggregation & procurement system for merchants & traders on top of Dbuntu’s already existing Data for Agriculture (D4Ag ™) ecosystem for farmers intended to bridge this data gap.

D4Ag ™ —; a simple mobile record keeping and farm management suite that fosters data-driven decision making and empowers small, medium, and large farms in Uganda & East Africa to optimize their food production and improve their productivity/performance.

Following the opening of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), in January 2021 together with our partners, we launched the AfricaX Trading Network (AfricaXTN ™).

AfricaXTN ™ —; a peer-to-peer electronic trading network for physical commodities in Africa.

Though in its early stages, it has already shown traction & value in the market with the potential to facilitate lucrative inter-African trade by bringing data-based decision capabilities to the broader agriculture industry throughout the continent & closing this data-gap (information asymmetry) between market participants.

“The long term vision & goal of this project would be to tokenize these commodities & facilitate the cash settlement using blockchain based stablecoins or NFTs as this would fully decentralize the trading network/platform and increase trust between market participants.”



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